Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Ahhh.... University

I never went to University... I was too busy starting businesses to "learn" how to start businesses from professors who had never done it themselves. It's always better to just jump in and do it instead of wading around thinking about it.

That said, Universities are still valuable for 90% of the population. (If you're really clever, look me up and one of my Virgin companies will sort you out with a job.) I just opened a big new arts, design and technology centre at the University of Derby. As always, using the Virgin style:

From the BBC:

He turned up in a red open-topped racing car to be met by two Virgin Atlantic air hostesses.

We need all of the home-grown British talent we can get in my Virgin Group of companies, and Derby will be an important part of that. Planes and Trains are key pillars to Virgin, and they're big pillars in Derby.

Good luck to all the students, and look me up when you graduate.

Warm regards,
Sir Dick

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