Monday, 5 November 2007

Spice Girls... all grown up now, but still fit

So the Spice Girls are back together and going on tour.

Virgin Records were very proud to be a part of their career getting started, signing them to the label over 10 years ago. (Though looking back we're frankly a little embarassed... call it "90's excess".)

For a group to go on tour these days, they go by plane, and I was happy to arrange for the girls free flights on Virgin Atlantic.

"Why free?" you may ask. Well, free puts us in the newspapers and celebrity television shows, which makes it worth the cost. Not only that, but it shows some of our usual first-class passengers the kind of style and charisma we expect of people in the first-class cabin. Plus, some of our standard Virgin Atlantic passengers will now be able to say they flew with Posh... needless to say, they'll never leave Virgin for BA after that!

So, good on you, girls. I look forward to seeing you in concert, though I'll probably just watch from backstage. (It's always better than the mosh pit at the front.)

Warm regards,
Sir Dick

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