Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Kyla was wronged, Virgin America set it right

Kyla Ebbert is a wonderful young woman, who was banned by Southwest Airlines from flying because she of inappropriate dress. WHAT?!? Luckily she was finally allowed to fly, but it became a huge news story in the US. Do you think she was dressed inappropriately? Here's what she was wearing that day:

Well, I thought she was actually a beautiful young lady, who was a student and putting herself through school by working at Hooters. So when we opened our San Francisco to Las Vegas route on Virgin America, I invited her to take part.

And wow, did she look spectacular. Here are some photos:

So do you think she's fit enough to be a flight attendant for our airline? (See history here and here.) I certainly think so. She's currently thinking about it.

I mean, this is what she looks like in her off time with friends! (Kyla's on the left.)

Full story here and here.

Warm regards,
Sir Dick

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V said...

Are you sure about this chick? It looks as if she is about to explode!