Thursday, 18 October 2007

For my Freakonomics fans...

So for those of you that liked the book Freakonomics, I recently answered a few of their questions on where air travel is going to be going in the future. Here's my favourite quotes from me:

Where most people see mess, I see opportunity. Thirty years ago, when I was stranded at an airport, I chartered a plane, sold seats to other stranded passengers, and in effect started Virgin Atlantic Airways.

That's the way to really start a business!

Travelers who’ve had enough of commercial air travel actually have greater options in private aviation. [...] We’re doing our bit with Virgin Charter, an online marketplace for sellers to put up their flights and for buyers to find and book flights as easily, as if on Expedia. So, the way I see it, it’s a brilliant time to be in the air travel business.

Let's be honest... if you're not flying on Virgin America, it's just better to take a chartered jet. And now you can arrange that through Virgin!

And a little promotion of Virgin America, too:

Virgin America passengers are entertained with 25 movie options, TV, games, in-flight chatting, and music. They can order food whenever they want it. They have power to charge up computers and, by next year, will have WiFi access at their seats. And why not have a bit of fun with mood lighting and a soundtrack in the bathrooms?

Yes, modern airlines are great, but only if you're flying Virgin. (Did I mention our flight attendants?? That's right, I did.)

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Sir Dick

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