Thursday, 13 September 2007

Stevie... my final post

I'm at a loss for words.

I spent all yesterday drinking Red Bull and Diet Cokes while going through all of the new Google Earth photos of the area Stevie was flying. My kids told me I looked like one of those geek "hackers" from films.

We still haven't found Stevie. He's been gone for over a week, now, and hundreds of people have been searching for him either in planes or through satellite photos.

That part of the United States is remote, and it could be tough to survive. Many are fearing for the worst.

This is my last post on Stevie until he's found. I have in my head a picture of what I think happened:

Stevie had problems, and landed his plane somewhere remote. He found that he just liked it there, and knew he was quite a long way from home, so Steve Fossett decided to make this place his new home. He's got a stream for fresh water, fruit nearby and a few animals around for meat. There's a little cave for shelter, too. Stevie is going to be staying there for a while. At some point we'll finally reach him and have the reunion we've been dreaming about.

Stevie.... I'll see you there, my friend.

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