Thursday, 6 September 2007

More on Stevie

Okay, now I'm starting to get a little worried. If Steve had just run out of fuel and landed somewhere safely, he would have already walked back home and been telling stories at the local pub by now.

So, I'm hoping he's just injured (or just stayed with the plane) and we haven't found him yet. Believe me, I know this guy, and he's got the Virgin can-do spirit; I use him for inspiration, and it takes a lot to inspire Sir Dick. I'm confident Stevie will be able to hold out until we find him.

I also gave him one of those cool watches (only practical for adventurers) that has a manually operated distress beacon, and that doesn't seem to have gone off, which bodes well for the bloke. All of us at Virgin are still hoping for his very safe return, very soon.

Latest info from CNN can be found here.

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