Tuesday, 4 September 2007

The benefits of being the boss

I generally don't like being referred to as "the boss." Just call me Sir Dick and move on.

But there are times where I get to do interviews with some fit birds ("hot chicks" for you Americans) that make all the trouble of being a boss worthwhile. See what this lovely lass wrote about me by clicking here.

A quick quote:
On Tuesday, I interviewed Sir Richard Branson in first class on an empty Virgin America flight pre-LA/NY launch. The disco lighting, the scintillating conversation with the cosmopolitan billionaire, the roomy leather seats…I could live like this!

Sir Richard Branson, captain of industry of global hip

Oh, yeah, baby. It's too bad I'm not my 19-year-old self, otherwise she could have joined the Mile High Club with me. Too bad.

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