Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Total, laddish idiots

You may have seen some of Virgin Media's adverts lately. In fact, a couple of months ago, you couldn't have missed them if you tried here in the UK. There's a bit of problem here; they're not really Virgin.

NTL:Telewest (an evil, dasterdly telecom company) bought Virgin Mobile a while back so that they could combine their offerings to provide mobile, land-line, telephone, and broadband access. But they also bought rights to the Virgin brand to re-label it all. (Let's face it, Virgin is infinitely more hip than NTL:Telewest.)

Now they f**king it all up, and dragging Virgin's brand with them through the mud.

Some of you may say I was the idiot for selling it to the evil telecom company. Well, remember that while I'm Virgin, there were other investors, too, and we sold for a s**t-ton of money. In fact, buying and selling when I did gave me one of the best returns on my investment in my entire career. So bollocks to you all who think I should have kept it!

I just hope that one of these days they pull their collective heads out of their arses. Preferably, before their license to the Virgin brand is up.

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