Thursday, 30 August 2007

Lord Foster, he's brilliant!

So I'm building a brand-new spaceport in New Mexico for Virgin Galactic, which is probably my most ambitious Virgin project ever. (And believe me, that's remarkable.) And I'm announcing next week that we've hired Lord Foster to design it.

Lord Foster, that sounds like a tosser's name, you say? You're an ignorant sod, I say.

Norm, as I like to call him, has designed a number of beautiful and groundbreaking buildings. Some of them look like phalluses, which I find amusing.

We're all hoping that he can do something phallus-like for Virgin Galactic, too. It will help remind you of our incredibly hot flight attendants on Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America. But since it's an entire spaceport in the middle of the damn desert of New Mexico, he might not get the same inspiration. We'll see.

Anyway, look for the news on this next week. But remember, Sir Dick gave you the information first!

PS- Please remember that you can still donate to the support fund for the families of the victims of the explosion at the company that's building my rocket.

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