Thursday, 19 July 2007

Saving the Earth... Virgin style

So if you haven't already heard of it, I decided to lead a revolution in the fuels industry and started Virgin Fuels. I was kicking back with my kids, and they were like "So dad, what are YOU doing about climate change? I mean, don't your airlines burn lots of it and kill polar bears or something?"

With my trusty advisors feeding me info, I boldly stepped forward to start a new environmentally-friendly oil company. Sure, you may laugh, but remember you're talking about Sir Dick here. (And it's really an investment company, anyway.)

Virgin Fuels has announced that we're investing in gevo, some fancy company that tells us they're going to turn s**t into fuel, or something like that. (My advisors tell me the science is sound.) Once again, I'm building another business, except this one is going to help save the world - from ourselves.

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