Friday, 20 July 2007

London beaten by s**t weather

If you haven't seen the news about London (which if you aren't in the UK is likely), us Londoners experienced flooding of a biblical nature today. Streets and trains are both flooded out. That's Virgin weather, edgy and stylish. (Though Virgin always provides better service than this latest storm.)

Am I just talking out of my arse? No!

This is all happening because of global warming and the climate crisis. Just ask my buddy Al Gore! He made a brilliant film about it. (Which reminds me... why don't I start Virgin Film Studios? Great synergies with the record label and the rest of the Virgin brand. Hmmmm.... watch this space.) That's why I've started Virgin Fuels, and have been an industry pioneer in reducing the fuel costs for Virgin Atlantic. Plus, it costs the company less. That's win-win, Virgin-style!

So watch Al's film and DO something. Before the water reaches my front door, if you would.

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