Wednesday, 16 April 2008

BA and T5

Wow, British Airways stinks. They (highly unsuccessfully) tried to shut Sir Dick down a while back and failed.

Now they opened up this (supposedly) fantastic new terminal that was going to be the best thing to happen to British aviation and London's Heathrow Airport. WRONG.

They failed there, too, and thousands of bags went missing.

Lesson learned? Fly Virgin.

Warm regards,
Sir Dick


elizabeth said...

My business was targeted by an monopoly in Canada who forced me to give up my customers to them after 13 years of running a profitable business that I had built from scratch and for which I only recently won the provincial Entrepreneur of the Year(2008)for. I have a lot of evidence that would reveal their "unusual" accounting practices but they are a billion dollar company and are betting on my inability to sustain any action against them. (Lawyers in Canada work on hourly rates). There have been several senior members of their executive team depart for differences of opinion and "ethical reasons" and apparently I am not the first to be targeted. I was their 6th largest customer for yellow pages advertising. Advice has been to start life again and put it behind me and that Karma will take care of them. I have lead my team (who didn't leave me oddly enough) to do this but I feel like a fake as it seems I am doing this with only half my heart and effort. I am bothered by the fact that a company with this unfair dominance in Canada can operate in a predatory way and can seemingly get away with their actions. I would really like to expose them for who they are so that no one else goes through what I have but everyone thinks I am crazy - including my family and friends who I have withdrawn from. I would be very interested in your advice. I think you may understand.

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Hawaii Snoopy said...

There is evil every where and in so many different forms. Only good will win and has won. You are a winner.